In Navajo County, suicide deaths are over 3.5x higher than the state average for children 19/under.   



Alcoholism and Drug abuse 

8th graders report almost 2x higher than state average for Marijuana use.  

Alcohol related deaths are 3x higher than state average.



Almost 70% of Navajo County residents are obese or overweight.




39% of children live below the poverty level.



Academic Apathy 

Less than 15% of Navajo County residents graduate from college.


A White Mountain Nonprofit Organization 


PROJECT ELEVATE is a 501(c)3 benefitting youth through after-school programs, individualized training, leadership retreats, summer camps, and scholarships, since 1987. 

Our history began 38 years ago with the partnership of Mission of Grace and state-wide programs. These sold-out summer camps brought in youth throughout the southwest region to participate in skills training and team building.  


In 2014, White Mountain Youth Foundation was formed to create scholarship opportunities for youth to participate in fine arts and athletic programs.


Now, to expand our outreach to at-risk youth throughout the region and youth in Navajo county, all three organizations joined forces in 2019.


Camp Grace will expand services to include theater, music and programming camps;  provide after-school programs in fine arts, athletics, skills development, and education; and create wellness and leadership programs for youth of all ages to believe, belong and become

[True Story]

He was a leader, an honors student, and a gifted basketball player.  Coming from an abusive home with poor parental support, this young man had the odds stacked against him. He pushed back for years and excelled... BUT, he eventually became overwhelmed by surrounding influences, generational addictions and boredom. This lead to compounding, regretful decisions and ultimately a catastrophic overdose. NOW, He suffers from psychosis, confusion and physical limitations. He was expelled from high school and did not continue his education. He was only 17.


This young man’s story, though tragic, is not unique.  Kids need to be busy and stay busy. And they need to invest in quality activities. We must say Enough! No More!

Each one of us contains the power to change, yet many do not have the opportunity to liberate that power.



You may request a pamphlet, brochure, donation guide or price list to start you on your way. 

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." -Anne Frank





Everyone Belongs… Welcome diversity & celebrate uniqueness.

Walk in the light of creative altruism.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.



Be ALL in…make goals, work hard, and attain greatness.

Whatever you are – be a good one.” -Abraham Lincoln



Dream, learn, do, elevate – there is POWER in becoming.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” -John Q Adams



Recreation Center

("The Lodge")


The Lodge @ Camp Grace provides a center where youth may explore their interests and expand their talents.

Combining art, education, sports, fitness, science, and technology at The Lodge, youth will have a safe and invigorating environment to lead, unite and perform.  

Those three pillars will empower youth to stand up and stand out. To be brave and stay true to healthy practices and beliefs that they know are right. 


Ultimately, we at Project Elevate have faith that a single moment can make a difference in the life of each child, and that collective moments can greatly impact the world. That is why we believe so fervently in the importance of our camp. Camp Grace can be that place to provide opportunities for defining moments, for your child, as it has been for our children and over many generations.



Phase 1 - Saving Camp Grace

[Purchase camp/land. Paint and Repairs. Reach out to community. Launch "Serve And Learn"]

Phase 2 - Winterizing Camp Grace 

[HVAC, electrical, water and ADA upgrades, weatherproofing + love.]

Phase 3 - Expanding Camp Grace

[The Shed, Unity Center, The Climb, Upgrade Infrastructure.]

Phase 4 - Philanthropic Expansion

[Enter: Faithproof, Sunset Archive, Granted.]

Phase 5+ - Community Business & EDUCATION  Expansion

[The Lodge, The Arena, The Court. The Field. The Glamp.] 

EARLY Construction at Camp Grace 

  • New paint on all 20 cabins and storage buildings. 

  • Directors Farmhouses complete remodel, new plumbing and electric, new paint inside and out, new appliances, all new beds and furniture and furnishings. New deck in near future  

  • Office complete remodel and wall removal  

  • All new electrical in office, plus office supplies and furniture.

  • Grace Hall porch on East side

  • Grace Hall wide social deck on West side  

  • Grace Hall complete remodel inside with ceiling removal

  • Grace Hall ADA updated bathrooms

  • Grace Hall updated commercial kitchen 

  • Grace Hall wood fencing 

  • Grace Hall awning 

  • Grace Hall garden 

  • Grace Hall storage 

  • Grace Hall Pavers 

  • Grace Hall local treat and crafts vending 

  • Installation of H-VAC systems and vents  

  • Dry Cabins new paint and flooring  

  • Dry Cabins benches 

  • Upgrade Water Main

  • Upgrade Septic Flow regulation 

  • Wired plant fencing around Water Plant.

  • Update sprinkler system

  • Plant new grass for sports fields 

  • Scoreboard for main field

  • Partial Payment and cedars for driveway and parking

  • Basketball court restoration

  • Front decks for 2 Counselor Cabins 

  • Side and back decks for 2 Directors Cabins 

  • New Camp Grace Road Sign 

After School Programs 

Extracurricular activities are not a diversion to education but rather a catalyst for success.  Programs such as these increase the odds of being gifted by 50%, reduces dropout rates by 40%, increases school engagement, improves attendance, increases grade point averages and promotes health and wellbeing. 


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