Camp Grace was established in 1953.


Only months ago Camp Grace was scheduled for demolition. After 67 years of changing lives, our property and buildings were up for sale to the highest bidder! Our legacy and tradition was leveraged against the profit potential of selling the land. Growth in Pinetop-Lakeside has put many historical landmarks in jeopardy. So, we had an idea.



Oct 20, 2019 - Story about #savingcampgrace efforts in The Independent by Barbara Bruce

In the land purchase, Project Elevate absorbed the camp and the nonprofit Mission of Grace. By doing so, Camp Grace could continue the tradition to provide community services to youth and families (e.g. AZ Soccer Camp celebrating its 39 anniversary this summer!)

Under Project Elevate Camp Grace has seen incredible progress: from Community Yard Sale and Clean Up Event, to a Serve & Learn activity. And from a fresh new coat of paint on the cabins & Grace Hall, to a complete rebuild and refurnishing of the supervisor cabins and farmhouses! 

We are wholly committed to Saving Camp Grace and the surrounding White Mountains!



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34° 10' 50.952'' N, 110° 0' 51.156'' W

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